This October, The Wunderkammer is bringing you a new Shop for a Week at a new location in the centre of Amsterdam. Set in their beloved ‘Spiegelkwartier’, Florian, Ueli and team are looking forward to bringing you their 17th temporary store and gallery full of treasures that suit the theme “Magical Twist”.
The Shop for a Week is easily explained as part-florist, part pop-up store and part-moving exhibition. But to really understand the immense creativity and detail that goes into each organic ‘store’, one must simply experience it for themselves. A concept first introduced to Amsterdam in 2008, this bi-annual event arises in empty spaces, abandoned storefronts or galleries.

Showcasing The Wunderkammer’s ideas, creations and objects each Shop for a Week includes a vast array of shells, feathers, minerals, stuffed animals, plants, seeds, horns, curiosities, flower vases, antique glass domes, handmade articles and more. Each ‘week’ offers a completely different experience to the next and works to a new ‘philosophy’ or ‘theme’. A means for both Ueli and Florian to let their creativity work to their own rhythm, the result is a meeting place for friends and clients to appreciate their work and the nature they use to create it.

when – 14-23 October 2016 – Daily from 11:00 – 19:00
Address – Prinsengracht 845 – 1017 KB Amsterdam – the Netherlands



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