Soft Pastel-Coloured Roses At The Table

The rose is probably the most famous flower. It symbolises love, joy, happiness and affection. We love to showcase them here. Try this DIY and easily brighten up your table.

What you need

List of flowers

  • Sedum, stonecrop
  • Jasminum, jasmin
  • Tillandsia stricta
  • Tillandsia usneoides, Spanish moss
  • Rosa Avalanche ‘Sweet’, rose
  • Rosa Avalanche ‘Peach’, rose
  • Rosa Avalanche ‘White’, rose
  • Vanda ‘Yellow Henna’, orchid


  • A wide wooden board (plank)
  • 2 OASIS® Deco Table maxi
  • Screws
  • OASIS® Bindwire
  • OASIS® Anchor tape
  • Metal wire

How to make it

  1. Screw the plastic bases to the wooden board.
  2. Cover the screws with Anchor Tape to make the composition watertight.
  3. Prepare your plants.
  4. Remove most of the leaves from the Jasminium.
  5. Clean the tips of the Sedum stems.
  6. Mount the Tillandsias stricta on wire and cover them with Bindwire.
  7. Wet the foam and place it in the plastic bases.
  8. Insert the Avalanches, making sure you mix the colours.
  9. Put your plants in place starting with Tillandsia usneoides in order to cover up the moss.
  10. Arrange the remaining plants. To bring lightness to the composition, place the Jasminium in places forming an arch above the roses.
  11. Add the Vandas inserted into test tubes in advance.

Enjoy your romantic table decoration!

Curious about more creations with roses? The new edition of Fleur Créatif includes a Rose Special with 12 DIY’s.

Thank you to Avalanche for the beautiful roses in pastel-coloured shades and to Decofresh for the special coloured roses

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