Spring colours yellow | Mimosa arrangement

Yellow is a typical spring colour. Just think of all the yellow daffodils that brighten our gardens and parks! Surprisingly, in early spring, there is also an exotic-looking plant with yellow flowers. The Mimosa stands out with bunches of bright yellow, fluffy flowers with a lovely scent. Our Fleuf Creatif team got creative with beautiful yellow flowers in the new spring issue.

Fleur Creatif florist Geert Pattyn (BE) created this ‘Cradled by pussy willow’ for the new spring issue. We are happy to share the instructions with you!

What do you need?


  • Acacia retinodes, mimosa
  • Salix, willow twigs with or without buds

Other materials:

  • Mobach vase
  • OASIS® floral foam

This is how you make it:

? Cut fine willow twigs the same length – they should stick out above the vase about 5 to 10 cm.

? Place a piece of floral foam in the middle of the vase.

? Arrange the twigs around the inside of the vase. Wedge them between the floral foam and the edge of the vase.

? Randomly insert some budded Salix twigs.

? Insert some beautiful flowering mimosa branches in the middle and let them fan out along one side.


Find more inspiration for your floral arrangements in the new Fleur Creatif Spring issue.

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One thought on “Spring colours yellow | Mimosa arrangement

  • 6 Jul 2021 at 10:39

    How can I get a Golden Mobach vase used in this flower arrangement? What is the best contact/website for this? Thanks.


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