Thinking out of the box is important in the creative process. Our Fleur Creatif florists played around with the “box” idea and used spring flowers and/or blossoms in their creation.

Spring steps out of its boundaries

Jan Deridder
  • Prunus, ornamental cherry blossom
  • Panicum ‘Fountain’, fountain grass
  • painted Salix, pussy willow
  • Muscari, grape hyacinth
  • Rosa ‘Athena’, rose
  • leucobryum moss
  • Musa, banana leaf
  • OASIS® floral foam
  • hairpins of wire
  • glass cube

Make a base out of moss and secure with hairpins of wire so that you have a base. Place the glass cube on this base. Insert some floral foam in the glass cube and cover with the white banana leaves. Arrange the cherry blossom, the roses and the willow twigs into the floral foam. Finish by inserting the Muscari into the moss.


Floating tulip cube

Philippe Bas
  • Cladonia, reindeer moss
  • Aspidistra
  • Tulipa ‘Rosario’, tulip
  • Lathyrus ‘Winter Sunshine’, sweet pea
  • Oxypetalum caeruleum,
  • South-American periwinkle
  • frame welded on an iron stand
  • OASIS® Design sheet
  • spray paint, white
  • hairpins of stub wire or German pins
  • cold glue
  • black pins

Spray paint the frame white and place the design sheet at the bottom. Cover the edges of the design sheet with the reindeer moss with hairpins of stub wire or German pins. Also spray the moss white. Pin Aspidistra leaves over the top part of the floral foam to cover. Glue the top part of the leaf in place with cold glue.
Insert the flowers: first the Oxypetalum, than the Lathyrus and finally the tulips


From bulb to blossom

Hendrik Olivier
  • Betula, birch bark
  • Tulipa, tulip bulbs in bloom
  • Ranunculus, pink buttercup
  • Pyrus communis, pear branch
  • insulation foam, 2 cm thick
  • OASIS® Foam

Make a cube out of insulation foam and leave the top open. Glue square pieces of birch bark to the front and back. Insert floral foam in the box. Use a flowering pear branch and place it in such a way that it appears to come in and out of the box (make sure the branch is inserted into the floral foam). Repeat with the tulips. Fill the top with pink buttercups.


Flowery box of ideas

Hilde Verhelle

  • Chaenomeles superba, maule’s quince
  • Tulipa, tulip
  • egg shells
  • cardboard box
  • OASIS® floral foam with tray

Make an opening in a cardboard box. Place a tray with floral foam in the box. Insert the blooms and tulips into the floral foam and finish with the egg shells.


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