Surprise your beloved on February 14th

There are few better ways to express your love than with a flower heart… Especially when you make it yourself. Romance at its best!

Get inspired by these beautiful floral hearts made by our Fleur Créatif florists! Also be sure to let us know if you try these yourself: tag us in your photos on Instagram (@fleur_creatif) or Facebook (@FleurCreatifMagazine).

A heart full of sunflower stems filled with spring

A design by Fleur Créatif florist Moniek Vanden Berghe for Fleur Créatif Spring 2019. Still so beautiful!

Flower list: Rubus, blackberry tendrils | Jasminum polyanthum, jasmine tendrils | Helleborus orientalis, lenten rose | Pieris japonica, Japanese Andromeda | Ranunculus ‘Malva’, buttercup | Ozothamnus, rice flower | Tulipa ‘Gorilla’, tulip | Viburnum opulus ‘Roseum’, snowball | Salix babylonica ‘Tortuosa’, weeping willow twigs | Helianthus annuus, dried, bleached sunflower stems.

Red Cornus twigs embrace a rose heart

A design by Fleur Créatif florist Ivan Poelman for Fleur Créatif Spring 2015. A timeless statement piece.

Flower list: Rosa ‘Piano’ (Freiland) | Ranunculus, red | Dianthus ‘Green Trick’ | Cornus alba ‘Sibirica’.

A heart filled with flowers for Valentine's Day. Designs by our Fleur Créatif florists. Get inspired and try this flower heart yourself to surprise your beloved!
© Studio PSG

A warm woolly heart shape

A design by Fleur Céatif florist Philippe Bas for Fleur Créatif Spring 2019. This flower heart is super romantic and perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Flower list: Cladonia, reindeer moss | Lathyrus odoratus, Sweet pea | Ranunculus ‘Azur Light Pink’ | Fritillaria uva-vulpis, fox grape | Alchemilla mollis, Lady’s Mantle |Prunus serrulata, Japanese Cherry.

All these Valentine’s Day designs have been made by using the heart-shaped OASIS® form.

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