Sustainable Floral Creations by Annick Mertens

Sustainable should not be a synonym for boring. How about floral arrangements with the very latest OASIS® TerraBrick and with OASIS® Bio Floral Foam? Fleur Creatif designer Annick Mertens created some ink blue pearls that you definitely want to make.

During her demonstration at Agora, Floral designer Annick Mertens created beautiful floral designs you definitely want to try yourself. Let’s get started!

‘For this demonstration I chose to work with the very latest Oasis TerraBrick, a 100% biodegradable floral foam, and with Oasis bio floral foam, a floral foam that degrades 91% after 3 years. In order to make the whole design look uniform, I mainly chose ink blue coloured flowers. The homemade bases were conceived “organically”… Bowls were glued with potting soil, cork crumbs, dried sunflower stalks, sisal fibres… The new TerraBricks, which are not made of foam but of coconut, can be nicely secured together with a nylon stocking or with some jute rope.’

1. A Nest With Roses

‘I used a plastic bowl on which I glued sisal fibres using wallpaper glue. Beautiful cluster roses were incorporated into the design. I also used the new Oasis TerraBricks for this creation.’

2. Heart of Chrysanthemum and Gomphrena

‘I wove thick strands of felt on a brown biodegradable brown floral foam heart. For the filling, I chose a few Chrysanthemum and Gomphrena flowers. Ink blue is a deep, powerful colour that takes you back to nature and evokes associations with balance and silence.’

3. Heart of Statice and Clay

‘I rolled out sausage-shaped pieces of clay and placed them on a brown-coloured biodegradable floral heart. I filled the gap with bright blue Statice.’

4. Floral Creation Using Dried Flowers

‘With an ink blue painted Chrysanthemum as the centrepiece, I made a playful and casual arrangement on a dish with brown Oasis. The bright blue dried flower grasses give it a playful touch.’

5. Strands of Felt

‘With skewers and tape, we extend a piece of brown Oasis floral foam. On it, strands of felt are glued vertically. Finishing is done with flowers working upwards.’

Sustainable Floral Designs by florist Annick Mertens. Try to make these yourself!
Sustainable Floral Designs by florist Annick Mertens

6. Dried flower dish with spray roses and Anthurium

‘This natural bowl was made with dried sunflower stems, both on the inside and on the outside. The base is a plastic bowl. We insert some spray roses and brown Anthurium into the Oasis TerraBrick.’

Try these designs yourself. Good luck!

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