Tania Huyghe connects heaven and earth

Tania Huyghe is one of the floral designers who will be present at the event Winter Moments with Flowers in Bruges. The fixed value of the Christmas event chose the themes of earth and sky (or in her case: heaven).

Tania will realize the theme chosen by her in a very personal way. She opted for the elements of earth and sky, because 2016 has been a year of human loss for her. “Between heaven and earth … there is you and I” originated from this.

She will, in practice, create a work of two, three-dimensional, semi-circles from birch branches. The first semi-circle represents the earth. White flowers will be processed therein, which will, in turn, represent snowflakes. The second semi-circle will suggest a starry sky at night. Atmospheric Christmas lights will not be absent in this creation.

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