The Christmasworld trends for 2019/20: winter celebrates ‘tender festivities’

When it comes to festive decorations, specialist retailers have four big trend worlds at their disposal for the 2019/20 season: tender festivities, essential ceremonies, sweet traditions and luminous celebrations. But how can the Christmasworld trends be applied to festivals and seasons in concrete terms? Designer Claudia Herke from Stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano design studio gives tips on the trends and shop design.

In the winter, the Christmasworld trend ‘tender festivities’ ensures a restrained festive decoration scheme in pastel colours. A cool, gleaming gold and frosted effects provide special accents and catch the eye – whether for Christmas decorations at home or in retail window displays. “Tender festivities is a calm and peaceful trend with a minimalist design. Central to it are unusual shapes and surfaces, combined with matt finishes and stone effects, as well as crinkled and folded textures and exquisite papers”, says designer Claudia Herke. At the same time, these imbue this delicate style with a sparkling effect, which surprises customers and invites them to discover more.

It is worth playing with these elements in shop design and window displays. Crinkled tissue paper, for example, can be used as a photo motif for background and wallpaper designs. On the delicate colour theme, an additional printed motif could be a transition fromrose pink and violet to pale yellow. In addition, mirror effects, glossy touches, chrome, and gold produce an optimal effect from a distance. “The use of cool gold, in particular, has an exquisite, sophisticated effect. You can add luminous highlights to this in your window decorations. Strings of fairy lights, illuminated garlands and luminous paper star decorations hung up in a row can be used very successfully for this”, as trend expert Herke explains. A lot of delicately tinted glass and frosted touches on the flowers and grasses chosen also emphasise the very modern, minimalist look.

Stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano, on behalf of Messe Frankfurt, was once again responsible for the prestigious trend show at Christmasworld 2019. To put this together, they filter out current trends from society, fashion, architecture and design and apply them to upcoming colours, shapes and materials in festive decorations. With the new products from the Christmasworld exhibitors, the trend show offered retailers an abundant ‘decorative portfolio’, from which they will be able to draw for the whole year.

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Christmasworld: Seasonal Decoration at its best - Christmasworld is the world’s most important order venue for the international decoration and festive articles sector. Held annually in Frankfurt, it presents the latest products and trends for all festivities of the year and provides innovative concept ideas for decorating large-scale and outdoor areas for the wholesale and retail trades, shopping centres, DIY markets and the green sector. Christmasworld is characterised by the complete spectrum of festive decorations while a wide-ranging complementary programme with Trend Show, special exhibitions, events and expert lectures is a valuable and informative source of supplementary inspiration for everyday business life in the sector. The 2019 event was attended by 1,085 exhibitors from 44 countries and over 45,300 visitors from 123 countries.

Conzoom Solutions is a knowledge platform that offers the consumer goods industry a wide range of studies, trend presentations, workshops and guidelines for the point of sale. It provides a complete overview of Messe Frankfurt’s international portfolio in the consumer goods sector – bundling a wide range of information for retailers.


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