Stefan Van Berlo represents Belgium at the Europa Cup 2021

10 years after his first title, Stefan Van Berlo has again conquered the Belgian title ‘flower art’ during the Belgian Flower Arranging Championship. This allows him to represent Belgium at the Europa Cup 2021 in Poland. Silver went to Chantal Post and bronze went to Max Hurtaud. Thanks to Smithers-Oasis you can see the most beautiful creations here.

The participants of the Belgian Flower Arranging Championship had to make five floral creations: a bridal bouquet, a centrepiece, a regular bouquet, a filled vase and a flower arrangement for a corona wedding as the piece de resistance.

Smithers-Oasis, the main sponsors of the event, brought huge amounts of floral foam for the championship final, which took place in the buildings of Euroveiling in Brussels (leading auction house for flowers and plants in Belgium). A jury, led by the professional federation for professional florists (URFB-KUFB), evaluated all the floral creations and named Stefan Van Berlo Belgian champion for 2020. The runners-up were Chantal Post and Max Hurtaud.

Chris Martens (Smithers-Oasis, right) next to number three Max Hurtaud (middle) and KUFB director Koen Van Malderen. ©Smithers-Oasis

Stefan Van Berlo, Gold

For his piece de resistance, Stefan Van Berlo constructed a beautiful twister of 2.5 by 1.5 metres from hay. At the base, he placed spiked bulbs that symbolised the coronavirus.

Masterpiece by Stefan Van Berlo ©Smithers-Oasis

The other floral creations were of the same calibre. Stefan Van Berlo created a breathtaking centrepiece.

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Chantal Post, Silver

As a regular at Fleuramour (international flower event organised by Fleur Créatif), Chantal Post has the necessary experience with large compositions. Isn’t her rose arch dreamy?

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Max Hurtaud, Bronze

This florist from Brussels has been a rising star for a while. He now gives demonstrations and took the bronze in the Belgian Flower Arranging Championship.

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Strong competitors

In addition to the top-3 – Stefan Van Berlo, Chantal Post and Max Hurtaud – the Belgian Championship was able to field some strong competitors with honourable mentions for Charlie Delachapelle, Dirk de Goede, Johan De Bilde, Marc Noël, Olivier Seghin, Ophélie Depotter, Robin van Nuffelen, Steven Alaerts and Tim Beyens.

Thanks to Smithers-Oasis, we are able to show a selection, supplemented with images from social media.

Tim Beyens

A well-deserved round of applause for Tim Beyens, who exhibited a beautiful arrangement in pastel shades.

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Ophélie Depotter

Two years ago, Ophélie Depotter participated on behalf of Belgium in the EuroSkills youth competition (a two-year competition at a high European level). In the final of the Belgian Championship she used roses and dahlias, among others.

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Olivier Seghin

Olivier Seghin took bronze last year in the Valentine’s Day Competition of Euroveiling. In his piece de resistance he worked with striking contrasting colours.

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Marc Noël

With this beautiful arrangement, Marc Noël, together with Maria Sofia Tavares, took sixth place.

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Congratulations to all the candidates and lots of success in the future!

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