These Florists Welcome You To Fleur Floral Fashion!

This year, Fleur Floral Fashion is a welcome alternative to the well-attended international flower festival Fleuramour. In anticipation of the spectacular 25th anniversary in 2022, the organization already wants to let you enjoy a corona-safe flower festival. Smaller and more limited, but no less beautiful! Curious which internationally renowned florists participate in the biggest flower event of the year? Find out more here.

Fleur Créatif and [email protected] floral designers

The florists of our internationally renowned flower arranging magazine unleash their creativity on the theme ‘A Castle Deserves Art’.

Rita Van Gansbeke ?? will design various frames with floral and natural materials. She will also present a flowery table decoration. We can’t tell you what that will be just yet, but Rita will use her creativity of that moment.

?? Moniek Vanden Berghe‘s work has been featured in Fleur Créatif Magazine for years. At Fleur Floral Fashion, she will design with materials such as cardboard, which she gives new life through the use of powerful flowers.

Sören Van Laer ?? and Aymeric Chaouche ?? amaze with a romantic rose creation.

Sören already loved flowers as a child. He completed his last year of horticultural training with a specialization year in flower arrangement and then followed an internship with master florist Geert Pattyn. By participating in Fleur Talent!, Sören became acquainted with the entire floral world and was able to develop a large network. Today, Sören is a freelance florist and has his own flower studio. Aymeric is a young French florist who has been working in Sören’s studio for over a year. Together they give workshops, participate in events and have started a webshop.

They are happy to share their passion with you during Fleur Floral Fashion!

Fleur Créatif Magazine: These florists welcome you to Fleur Floral Fashion by Fleuramour.
Sören Van Laer and Aymeric Chaouche

The other FLEUR designers ?? will also be present and will undoubtedly showcase amazing floral arrangements: Annick Mertens, Charlotte Bartholome, Martine Meeuwssen and Chantal Post.

And more famous floral designers!

Many other famous designers from Belgium and abroad will create stunnig flower creations, small or large, in and around the castle in Alden Biesen (Bilzen, Belgium). Together they will turn Fleur Floral Fashion into a unique experience.

Floral artist Ben Clevers ?? published his book Leaves this year, a professional and inspirational book about flower arranging with leaves. His unprecedented ambition for the profession led him to become an official supplier to the Dutch Royal Household. For his creation at Fleur Floral Fashion, Ben will use the leaf – in all its shapes and beauties – as his source of inspiration.

Ioachim Erema ?? ?? was born in Romania, but has lived in the United Kingdom since his 20s. He is a well-known florist at Fleuramour. Every year he manages to amaze the visitors with his flower arranging talent. In 2019, his project ‘Protect the Future’, was one of the best floral arrangements in the theme ‘Back to the Future’. This year will be a smaller and more limited edition of Fleuramour, but our expectations for Ioachim Erema’s work are still high!

Fleur Créatif Magazine: These florists welcome you to Fleur Floral Fashion by Fleuramour.
© Fleuramour / Studio PSG

Come and join us!

From 23 to 27 September 2021 in the Grand Commandery of Alden Biesen, located in Bilzen (Belgium).

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