Third masterpiece from FLOOS [NEW BOOK]

“The Crafter’s Secret, Vol. 03” is a professional handbook that helps you to refine your skills and to realize your own ideas.

The strength of the successful FLOOS group for years has been the wide range of techniques and an international perspective. This third edition, a compilation of the FLOOS season 2017-2018, is a continuation of that perspective.

Detailed work method

This book “The Crafter’s Secret, Vol. 03” has 30 creations that are clearly explained and demonstrated. The concept, the evolution and the end result are covered extensively and give you the opportunity to apply this to your own creations.

In addition, each creation has a detailed work method, clear photos and a video tutorial of the techniques used.


The ten master floral artists in this book are :

  • Jordi Abelló (Spain)
  • Per Benjamin (Sweden)
  • Alex Choi (World champion, South Korea)
  • Frédéric Dupré (France)
  • Carles J. Fontanillas (Spain)
  • Brigitte Heinrichs (Germany)
  • Britta Ohlrogge (Germany)
  • Daniel Santamaria (Spain)
  • Berit Skjøttgaard (Denmark)
  • Max van de Sluis (The Netherlands)

The Crafter’s Secret, Vol. 03

Auteur : FLOOS, The Crafter’s Secret
259 pages | Bound book | English, French, Spanish




Visit a FLOOS workshop or demo at Fleuramour !

Spanish champion Carles J. Fontanillas

Fleuramour and FLOOS offer you the opportunity to improve your skills during several workshops at Fleuramour, the flower festival in Alden Biesen, Belgium, from 21 to 24 September 2018.

Masterflorists during these workshops are Carles J. Fontanillas, Alex Segura and Miguel Ángel Delgado. Check out the program and how to register !

You can also follow the free Fleuramour demonstration from FLOOS by Alex Segura and Miguel Ángel Delgado on Sunday 21 September (10:30-11:30 AM).

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