Time travel among 140,000 flowers | 27-30 Sept 2019 [VIDEO]

Fun, original and unparalleled: this day trip is not to be missed. During Fleuramour in Alden Biesen, you’ll walk among hundreds of thousands of enchanting flowers and go from one surprise to the next. Never walked around with virtual reality glasses in a fantasy world before?Have your future predicted with flowers? Drink tulip liqueur? Then this is your chance! Do not miss it!
Beauty & Fantasy

Fleuramour offers the best of various worlds and continents. From Asia to America, artists travel to Belgium to show off their floral magic. For four days, they will take you on a wonderful journey through the future, the present and the past. In the end, you will come face to face with an enchantingly beautiful floral planet. The perfect daydream for those who love beauty, fantasy and experiences!

Gorgeous photography

Make sure your smartphone is fully charged. You will have countless pictures at the end of the day that will wow your friends. You don’t have to be a flower fanatic. The 140,000 flowers in all scents and colours will enchant you, all the more so because they have been incorporated into hundreds of cute and hallucinatory flower creations. Behind every castle gate and in every corner of the French garden is a gem.

Beautiful shows

There are also the sublime flower shows that the American Holly Chapple will treat the public to; the adventurous VR game in which you can play a part; the passers-by parading around in crazy flower hats; the fun gadgets and tasty snacks at the pop-up market…

Our Fleuramour tickets are ready. Treat yourself to a day full of flower power entertainment by getting a great price on online tickets. Are you ready? We will meet somewhere between lilies, carnations and rose petals.


  • What future is written in the stars for you? Discover it at an anthology! Floral medium Isabelle Blomme reads your past, present and future on the basis of 3 flowers. An astrological “Back to the Future”!
  • Travel with virtual reality glasses (in a space provided for that purpose) to a floral fantasy world where you play a part in a virtual game.
  • Pose in front of a field of cheerfully moving sunflowers on solar energy.
  • A rose cupcake and a glass of tulip liqueur should not be missed along the way.


On Friday 27 September, Fleuramour will start with the traditional Hat Day. Design your most beautiful headgear with flowers and/or plants and wear it during the hat parade. Who knows, you might win first prize!


Want to learn something new? Improve your technique? Then sign up for the Fleuramour workshops of the international company FLOOS.


Last year, Fleuramour’s top-notch fashion show was received time and again with a thunderous round of applause. This year, American event designer Holly Heider Chapple will treat you to a sparkling flower show in Alden Biesen’s ‘Riding School’. Be sure to get there on time! The number of seats is limited.

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