The World’s Leading Floral Artist In Spacial Design

Tom De Houwer has recently been named “The World’s Leading Floral Artist in Spacial Design” while in Kunming (China) during the 2020 International Floral Trend Forum.

Six unique monochromatic designs

Tom De Houwer consistently brings a unique perspective to his designs all around the world in many formats, but wanted to give a new inspirational vision at the Forum– and this time, it went viral. The Chinese social media platform, WeChat, was flooded with vibrant images of his six designs he presented on stage.

What caused the viral affect? Tom explains: “I must say I was quite surprised about this outcome. I would not have been aware of the enormity of the affect if it wasn’t for Inner, one of my students at Cohim flower school, showing me on her phone. It’s not always easy to put your finger on it. But I must say that I always try to look for connection in a variety of ways to create a holistic experience. Being as congruent as possible in the implementation of my design rules and the connection in the context I am working in. Most importantly, it is applying my own personal theory: “ The Eight Components For A Successful Creative Process And Execution” – A theory I also teach to my students in the Six Day Immersive Masterclass, and in this case, also at the Floral Trend Forum in China. By combining several components, including the six unique monochromatic designs for oneness, the personal philosophy behind each design, connecting East and West philosophy and finally adding the foundation of elaborate mathematics and physics equations. All together this brings a mixture of the universal resemblance in people which connects the unexpected truths and surprising subtle tension in my work.”

Yellow “Silent Contrast” theory

Tom continues to push the envelope with his designs and intentionally puts himself out of his comfort zone to produce such remarkable artistic constructions. After realizing the color yellow was only used in less than one percent of his designs, he chose to use it with a neutral color like black to communicate the theory of “Silent Contrast”- a theory that runs deep in the veins of all of his work. He describes this theory in way that is relatable to all aspects of one’s life.

What to expect in 2020?

While Tom continues to enjoy speaking and teaching, he is also stepping into the realm of programmed mentorship and immersive masterclasses. 2020 will be a year of many launches of programs. The floral artist will continue to spread inspiration and help professional designers from all over the world re-ignite their passion: by bringing awareness, mastering skills through experience and by showing their work to the world for other to enjoy so they can become the authentic creator they where meant to be.

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