Trend Report Shows Floral Trends for 2022

The Trend Report 2022 is a must have reference guide for every professional floral artist or enthusiast who considers themselves trendsetters. Don’t miss it!

‘A Wide Range of Information and Trends for Floral Designers’

This year, Fleur Créatif Magazine and EMC (European Floral Design – Master Certification) brought together their knowledge and experience in a professional bookazine for florists and flower lovers. EMC founder Tomas De Bruyne and Fleur Créatif editor-in-chief An Theunynck went back to the drawing board; they discussed all the trends, colours and materials and systematically gave shape to the stylish Trend Report 2022.

‘This trend report for the floral sector was much needed,’ points out Tomas De Bruyne.
‘The flower industry is becoming increasingly aware of the influence that trends have on our products and designs. We also get a lot of inspiration from other sectors, such as fashion and cosmetics, from which we can draw valuable lessons. This awareness also increases the need for specific trend guides that address our sector.’

‘Should you have to follow trends (blindly)? What can you do with trends? You can read all about it in the Trend Report 2022! This is an important reference guide even for those who don’t like trends. This unique edition will open your eyes to another world.’

An Theunynck, the editor-in-chief of Fleur Créatif Magazine, can’t hide her enthusiasm either. ‘Finally, all the flower trends can be found in one place so that you can give your creative process a real boost! The trends are collated by floral designers and are intended for professional florists and enthusiasts. The trend report gives tips on which flowers and vegetation you can use.’

In order to offer floral designers and florists a complete insight into how trends work, Fleur Créatif and EMC have also called on the expertise, know-how and the conceptual work of TOOOlbox this year, a Dutch company that specialises in trends.

‘This has become an extensive catalogue and source of inspiration of trends that affect our profession, and not only puts the colour trends or the trendy materials in the spotlight, but also offers a wide range of information for floral designers, from botanicals to techniques, from colour palettes to keywords.’

Get your copy now!

The Trend Report 2022 is available as a print version in Dutch and FrenchYou can also order a digital, English version in the FLEUR BOOKSHOP.

The publication introduces 4 floral trends:

Each trend is discussed in detail. Think of:

  • inspirational moodboards;
  • an overview of the most important colours;
  • Insights into the trend and the EMC perspective on the trend;
  • info on materials, products, patterns, flowers and plants;
  • and much more!
» View the Trend Report 2022 in the Fleur Bookshop.
Fleur Créatif Magazine and EMC introduce the Trend Report 2022
Trend Report 2022

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