Trending | Floral Book ‘The Joy of Dahlias’

Dahlias are among the most popular flowers on Pinterest and Instagram. Time to get started yourself with the newest book in the Fleur Créatif Bookshop: The Joy of Dahlias, a must-have for every flower lover.

What’s it about?

The Joy of Dahlias is an inspirational book full of gorgeous Dahlias in hundreds of colours and shapes.

With in this book…

  • … tips & tricks to grow your own sea of flowers;
  • … inspirational stories from growers and floral stylists;
  • … colorful, loving and sensational photos;
  • … lots of trendy DIYs;
  • … everything you ever wanted to know about the Dahlia, from history to sustainable cultivation.

Order now and enjoy free shipping! Valid until 21/08.

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Click here to order The Joy of Dahlias.

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