Trendy Summer DIY with Clematis

The summer trend of 2021 is called ‘New Country’. Words that come to mind regarding this trend are timeless, natural, sober and nostalgic. Our florists brought this trend to life with weathered wood, Clematis, grey leaves and herbs. Follow the step-by-step instructions and try to make this ‘driftwood wreath’ design by Geert Pattyn yourself!

This is a floral design made for the new Fleur Créatif summer issue. Curious for more summer inspiration? Order your magazine here and enjoy the season to the fullest.

What do you need?


  • Echinops, great globe thistle
  • Clematis

Other materials

  • Large Mobach tray
  • Drill
  • Metal wire
  • Small water vials

This is how you make the driftwood wreath

?Drill holes in the pieces of driftwood and thread them on wire.
? Place them around the wreath and secure them.
? Stick some more pieces of driftwood in the wreath.
? Insert the thistle directly in the floral foam.
? For the Clematis, it is better if you insert them into some water vials first and then insert them into the floral foam.

Find more inspiration in the new Fleur Creatif summer edition!
The new Fleur Créatif summer 2021 issue is out now! Find out more about it here.

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