The grapes of wreath

Aloha! That is the one and only suitable word to start this DIY article that will be featuring the work of the amazing blogger A Kailo Chic Life. She created two tropical wreaths that will instantly give you summercravings. One wreath is heavy on the flowers, and one heavy on the palm fronds. Are you forced to stay at home this summer? Or did you deliberately plan a staycation? These summer wreaths will make your home feel like the most tropical resort one can imagine. Discover here the step-by-step guide by A Kailo Chic Life and create your own tropical eyecatcher.


  • Foam Wreath – 14 inch (+/-35 cm)
  • Faux or Real Palm Leaves (Kailo used real ones, but you can find faux ones online or at the craft store)
  • Faux flowers in an assortment of colors
  • Mini succulents
  • Floral Pins
  • 2.5″ wide gold faux leather trim from the craft store

For both wreaths you will want to begin by using your floral pins to pin the gold trim around the outside and inside edge of the wreath form. If the trim is smaller than the depth of the wreath form, you can take a large serrated knife and shave off a bit of the wreath so that the gold trim completely covers the sides.

You will now gently bend and shape the palm leaves around the wreath and use your floral pins to keep them in place. For the first wreath that is heavy on the flowers, use less palm fronds, for the the second wreath you will want to layer several palm fronds to completely cover the white foam base.

Once you have your palm leaves in place, pull your faux flowers from their stems and use your floral pins to pin them to the wreath form. For the first wreath you want to cover the entire front surface of your wreath with flowers, mini succulents, and even a few mini kumquats on toothpicks (if you want). For the second wreath just use a cluster of a few flowers in one spot.

Funny how simply switching up the concentration of the palm leaves and faux flowers can produce such different results. Which one will you be making this summer?



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