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We like to celebrate love with flowers. Flowers speak to us without words. They translate our deepest emotions. But a Valentine’s Day floral creation doesn’t always have to be in the shape of a heart. In the new Fleur Créatif Spring issue, you will find creations inspired by letters, or by love letters.

What do you need?


  • Rosa ‘Red Naomi’, rose
  • Eustoma russellianum, Prairie Gentian
  • Ozothamnus, rice flower
  • Briza maxima, large quaking grass
  • Gypsophila paniculata, baby’s-breath
  • Jasminum polyanthum, jasmine

Other materials

  • Old typewriter
  • OASIS® Black
  • Wire mesh, bronze
  • Thick rods
  • Water vials

This is how you make the Valentine’s Day floral creation!

Cut several strips of black floral foam. Wrap the bottom of these pieces in foil. Shape the bronze wire mesh into waves and create flat surfaces where you can attach the strips of floral foam. Secure the rods (with a hook at the top) to the lid of the typewriter.

This is where you attach the bronze wire mesh. Attach the floral foam strips to the flat surfaces. Now you can insert the flowers into all the different pieces of floral foam. Insert a jasmine tendril through the arrangement. Put some flowers between the keys (in a water vial).

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A Valentine’s Day floral creation by Moniek Vanden Berghe for Fleur Créatif Spring 2021.

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