Vases in All Shapes and Sizes

Just pretty ornaments? On the contrary! Vases are now self-evident, design statements on their own, inspiring out-there flower arrangements – from the avant-garde to the romantic.

One thing is clear: floristry has never been more varied or creative. Artichokes can be found flowering freely. People are also experimenting with giant blooms, or pairing delicate grasses with natural meadow flowers, or even tying luxuriant bouquets in which flowers seem to dance.

This calls for something more than your average, multi-purpose glass vase. They need statement vases, in all shapes and sizes, either to support the flower or interior decorations in their own right.

Ceramic ware: Natural living

Cooee Design
La Cartuja de Sevilla

Ceramic vases reflect the wider tabletop trends: You can find not only rustic earthenware that proudly displays traces of its handcrafted origins, but also clean graphic lines and patterns.


The lovely shapes of these vases will entice everyone to arrange wild-flower bouquets, twigs or individual blooms: bulbous vases with narrow necks don’t need a showy bouquet – every single item comes into its own. Eucalyptus has garnered great popularity on Instagram, but owes at least some of its success to going solo in this new type of vase. Popular pastel and powder shades go particularly well with green leaves, hence the colour trend in vases. Look out for playful patterns and ornaments too.

Glass: Colourful and stylish

The transparency of glass vases lends them a light look, even in larger sizes and brighter colours. They add calm and effortless style to a space.

Ro Design

As a material, glass offers an extremely wide range of possibilities for producers and designers to get creative. Traditional spherical and bottleneck vases are still in evidence, alongside shapes that only glassblowers could achieve and which vividly showcase their skills. Other on-trend designs include colour progressions, multicoloured glass and an antique look with air bubbles.


For solo flowers: Individuals make an impression

When showing off single blooms or grasses, classic white porcelain vases are an option, as are abstract constructs or bold, playful designs. All provide a fitting backdrop to popular exotic flora.


We’re really excited about designs which contrast with nature, setting flowers in test-tube and techno shapes, or glass spheres in which roses bathe underwater as if in an aquarium.

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