‘Wedding In The Mix’ By Master Florist Stefan Van Berlo

Stefan van Berlo is a well-known Belgian florist and he is also a source of inspiration internationally. In cooperation with 2Dezign, he inspires with floral wedding decorations with lisianthus in yellow, pink, orange, green and red. This trendy wedding theme is called ‘Wedding In The Mix’.

‘With the theme “Wedding in the mix” you can do anything with lisianthus’, Stefan Van Berlo explains.

‘Because lisianthus is a branched flower, all stages of flowering are present. From bud to half-open and completely open which gives the flower arrangement a beautiful effect. The colour palette is wide and beautiful and only the brightest colours are missing.’

‘When decorating the table, I therefore reinforced the sunny look by combining the lisianthus with bright yellow lemons and red watermelon. This gave an insanely nice effect. Especially with the new green variety.’

‘I think it is extremely important to show florists how creative our profession still is and not to get bogged down in the standard bouquets.’

‘Brides and grooms often come to me with pictures from Pinterest that are completely wrong.’

‘It is then important to convince them that a bridal bouquet and wedding decoration is personal. That the colour of the bridal gown plays a role, as does the make-up and colours worn by the groom. All those facets together form the basis for the total picture. From that basis, I chose constructions of frame with paste for the bridal bouquet and the bouquets for the bridesmaids. So it’s a matter of first designing and then putting it together to create something unique with a big wow factor.’

‘When creating table decorations and bridal bouquets, the lisianthus clearly proves to be a true wedding flower. Not only because of its fantastic appearance and versatility in processing, but also because of its excellent vase life.’

For florists, it is therefore good to know that if the bouquets are made a day earlier, the lisianthus will also shine on the wedding day. Lisianthus is getting more and more famous and will therefore less often be confused internationally with a rose.

About the designer: Who is Stefan Van Berlo?

Stefan van Berlo is a well-known Belgian florist and he is also a source of inspiration internationally.

His style is difficult to categorise. Self-willed and with an unstoppable hunger for innovation, he always manages to present himself in a new way. With an experimental approach, he plays with shapes and contrasts, which takes his floral work to the highest levels.

Fleur Creatif Magazine: 'Wedding In The Mix' By Master Florist Stefan Van Berlo

He previously thought that winning the Belgian championship in 2010 would be the highlight of his career. But exactly ten years later, he became Belgian Champion Flower Styling again in 2020 and in August 2022, he will be participating in the European Championships in Poland. That promises a lot more for Stefan in the future!


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