Why You Should Come Back to Fleuramour 2021

Have you heard the fantastic news yet? We have decided to organise a special edition of Fleuramour 2021: FLEUR FLORAL FASHION. It will be a slightly more limited version and different from the other editions, but certainly no less enjoyable! Even if you’re not allowed to travel to Belgium yet, we’ll already let you enjoy Fleuramour from a distance!

So many reasons to visit Fleur Floral Fashion!

From 23 to 27 September, the Grand Commandery of Alden Biesen will be transformed into a floral dream world. One of the largest castle domains in the Euregion and an inspiring site that annually attracts a quarter of a million visitors from home and abroad. The perfect location for an enchanting floral event like Fleur Floral Fashion by Fleuramour.

This is why you should definitely visit Fleur Floral Fashion:

🌸 It is a unique opportunity to admire and smell the most beautiful floral creations again in real life.
🌸 The Fleur Créatif and [email protected] teams will be present at the event. They will unleash their creativity on the theme ‘A Castle Deserves Art’ by presenting grand floral arrangements as a kind of art exhibition.
🌸 You will discover impressive artistic projects such as the sculptures of renowned artist Nicolas Lavarenne and extraordinary glass sculptures by Glasstudio Borowski.
🌸 There will be two floral competitions in which you can show off your own floral skills: an artful bridal bouquet and a haute couture dress. You can participate in the competitions both at the event and online.
🌸 You can visit the most cosy pop-up shops at the event, with plenty of fun products and gadgets for flower lovers.
🌸 Surprisingly talented florists from all over the world participate in the event: Ioachim Erema, Jimmy Englund, Conny van der Westerlaken, Andrea Stör, Mike Boerma, Peter Boeijkens, Ivan Bergh,… This is a unique opportunity to admire their beautiful floral creations!
🌸 There will be a nice terrace where you can enjoy a drink and a bite to eat before or after you visited the more than 50 floral arrangements.

‘Fleuramour will do everything in its power to honour its tradition. It will be different this year, slightly smaller and more limited, but certainly no less beautiful or less worthwhile. Fleuramour is and will always be an international festival of flowers, but this year there will be plenty of local talent. You will see a lot of Belgian and Dutch talent.’

Do you want to discover the latest floral trends and the latest varieties of flowers? This is also a very important reason to visit Fleur Floral Fashion. Nowhere else do you get the opportunity to discover so much natural beauty!

A free ticket for Fleur Créatif subscribers

Fleur Floral Fashion takes place from Thursday 23 to Monday 27 September. The flower festival is open every day from 9.30 a.m. to 7.30 p.m.. This year we are working with time slots (of two hours) to give as many enthusiasts as possible the opportunity to visit Fleur Floral Fashion. Select a day and time slot of your choice at www.fleuramour.be to order your tickets for Fleur Floral Fashion. Thousands of flowers, in all scents and colours, will be waiting for you!

👉 Do you have a subscription to Fleur Créatif Magazine? As and avid FLEUR reader, we are giving you a free entrance ticket for the 2021 edition of Fleuramour! You will receive all the information about how to get your free ticket with the autumn issue of Fleur Créatif (only if you have a subscription that is still active on 30/9/2021).

Support Fleuramour and buy your I-Love-Fleuramour-Ticket

Even if you can not be present at Fleur Floral Fashion this year, you can still enjoy the beauty of Fleuramour! Buy your I-Love-FLEURAMOUR-ticket to show support from where ever you are in the world. In return, you help us to be able to organize Fleuramour in the coming years. With this special ticket, you don’t have acces to the event BUT you will receive access to a load of pictures from the past 10 editions of Fleuramour*. This way you can enjoy the most beautiful flower event at home!

*Your Fleur Floral Fashion Ticket also gives you free access to this digital overview of the past 10 years of Fleuramour.

Find out more about the event on the Fleuramour website: www.fleuramour.be

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