Wintery Play of Colours

Do you long for cold temperatures and crackling fire? This composition by Tom De Houwer is what you need to make it cozy inside.

Creation by Tom De Houwer


  • Morus, mulberry fibre
  • Musa, dried banana leaf
  • Coral ferns Vanda, orchid
  • Half ball of polystyrene
  • Brown paint
  • Water vials with cover
  • Brown Gutta
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Double-sided tape
  • Scissors
  • Black, round headed pins
  • pearl pins



1. Make sure the edges of the polystyrene sphere are level.

2. Draw radial, straight lines from the middle towards the edge of the sphere.

3. Attach double-sided tape to the inside and outside of the sphere.

4. Cut the mulberry fibre into wedges and attach them to the double-sided tape. Tip: remove the back of the double-sided tape in stages to prevent your sphere from becoming glued to the table or your hands.

5. Cut some rectangular pieces from the dried banana leaf in slightly different widths and lengths. Round those off at the short side in a subtle way so they are even with the edge of the sphere.

6. Glue the pieces to the edge with hot glue. Tip: add the hot glue to the banana leaf and let it cool ever so slightly to prevent the floral foam
from melting.

7. Alternatively, you could attach them with black round-headed pins.

8. Insert the stems of the coral fern into the inside of the ball.

9. Wrap the water vials with the brown gutta. Fill the vials with water and insert the Vanda.

10. Attach the Vanda by inserting the water vials through the coral ferns into the sphere.


You will find dozens of floral creations in Fleur @ Home Winter 2018.

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