Workshop Adventures with Fleur Créatif designers

If you have ever leafed through an issue of the Fleur Créatif Magazine or attended one of our fantastic floral events, then you are sure to have been wowed by the ingenuity and sheer beauty of the floral artistry on show. If your next response is ‘how on earth do they do that?’, then the floral workshop holidays from ECT Travel are made for you!

Early Summer Workshop in Belgium: 5th – 9th June 2023

What’s included in the workshop?

› Learn new techniques, innovate your own style, and pick up top tips in three private, hands-on workshops with super-talented Fleur Créatif designers Annick Mertens, Moniek Van den Berghe and Viky Vangampelaere.

› Visit the Guy Van Rysseghem Camilla Nursery, floral wholesaler Van der Vennet and Frederiek Van Pamel’s flower shop in Bruges

› Enjoy overnight stays in four beautiful Belgian cities – Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, and Bruges

ECT Travel offers this tour with flights from London Heathrow or Manchester, or you can choose to meet them in Brussels. Prices start at £1,249p/p. Book your place here.

Fleur Creatif floristry workshop in Belgium with ECT Travel
Fleur Creatif floristry workshop in Belgium © ECT Travel

A German Workshop Adventure: November 2023

What’s included in the workshop?

› Stay at Florist Park International, the 200-year-old converted farmhouse that is home to the master school of the Association of German Florists

› Boost your creativity at hands-on workshops with three brilliant Fleur Créatif designers

› Experience Veiling Rhein Maas, Germany’s only flower auction

› Meet the owners of two beautiful flower shops

› Soak up the festive spirit at pretty Christmas Markets in Dusseldorf, Oberhausen and Essen

Booking opens soon. Find out more here.

ECT Travel German workshop adventure with Ursula Wegener in November 2023
Ursula Wegener Designs © ECT Travel
ECT Travel

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