Wrapped Bottles

Looking for something different that suits your interior? Try these wrapped bottles, made by Rita Van Gansbeke.


  • Chasmanthium latifolium
  • Wood oats
  • Phalaris canariensis, Canary grass
  • Dahlia
  • Home-made ‘creative’ flower
  • String
  • Flax yarn
  • Cotton
  • OASIS® anchor tape
  • Clear bottle
Wrapped Bottles by Rita Van Gansbeke


1. Place ten yarns (20 rays) on the work table and secure them with anchor tape (length of the yarns = one and a half times the height of the bottle).
2. Weave the bottom of the bottle.
3. The remaining yarns are attached to the neck of the bottle.
4. Now continue to weave until the bottle is covered.
5. Fasten the yarns to the bottle opening.
6. Fill with dry and fresh material.

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