Yucca, the houseplant of the month

New year, new houseplant of the month and we are kicking off with the Yucca plant. This stubborn stress reliever is known for its pointy and Tex-Mex style.

An explosion of green-yellow-grey, leathery leaves which end in a point, sometimes growing on a trunk, and sometimes directly from the earth; that is typical of the Yucca. It’s a tough desert inhabitant who isn’t really into cuddles, but quietly does its best to stay true to you for as long as possible and give you peace. Tough, spiky and trustworthy: the Yucca really is the cowboy of the houseplants.
The Yucca is used to warm and dry environments. The plant originates from the southern United States, South America and the Caribbean. It grows there in the desert, but is equally happy inside.

Fun fact: There are at least 40 varieties of Yuccas, from small shrubs to trees

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